Innovation you can believe in.

Even under the best of circumstances, remediation is a difficult proposition. Choosing between the wide range of remedial technologies and service providers can be a daunting task for any environmental professional. With new technologies being constantly developed, new research being published, and new products released, identifying the technology best-suited for your site isn’t always clear. That’s why having a knowledgeable, highly-experienced partner you can trust throughout the process is key.

Unlike many other firms, ETEC has dedicated itself to bridging the gap between the latest academic research and practical field application. Our engineering staff spends hours reviewing the latest research to find out which application is most effective, tests the process in the laboratory, and finally works to find the best way to implement the solution in the field.

With ETEC, you are also never alone on a project. From the planning stage to site closure, our staff utilizes its extensive remediation experience to analyze data, provide recommendations for modification, and implement any changes in the field. In every case, ETEC goes the extra mile to make sure that your project is successful. The result is an uncommon level of earned confidence and true client satisfaction.