Surfactant Flushing

Biosurfactant Remediation Treatments

Surfactant flushing is an efficient stand-alone remediation treatment or can be used as a cost-effective enhancement of existing treatment systems. Using surfactants in remediation increases the solubility of organic contaminants, providing a number of benefits:

  • Increase free-product recovery
  • Enhance mobility of contaminants
  • Improve contaminant bioavailability for aerobic or anaerobic bioremediation

PetroSolv™ Biosurfactant

PetroSolv™ is a non-ionic biosurfactant special formulated to be used in remediation treatments. Application using PetroSolv™ can be used to remediate a wide range of contaminants, including diesel, heating oil, and chlorinated solvents. Application methods include:

ETEC can help design a surfactant flushing application that best fits your sites unique characteristics. Most applications can utilize existing site infrastructure, leading to a cost-effective treatment.

Surfactant Flushing Case Study