Models & Product Specifications

Super-Ox™ Model 10/20/40 Water Treatment

Super-Ox™ Model 10/20/40 Water Treatment

The Water Treatment models come standard with 10, 20, or 40 gpm flowrates, and include an integrated bioreactor for above-ground water treatment prior to re-injection of discharge. Features automated product application and re-injection through a customizable, touch-screen controller. Fully insulated and heated. The unit can be customized upon request to include remote telemetry.

Super-Ox™ Model 10/20/40 Automatic

Super-Ox™ Model 10/20/40 AutomaticThe Automatic models come standard with 10, 20, or 40 gpm flowrates. Includes automated biological product application and re-injection of highly oxygenated water through a customizable, touch-screen controller for zone-focused application. Fully insulated and heated.

Super-Ox™ Model 10-Plus & Custom

Super-Ox™ Model 10-Plus & CustomThe 10-Plus and 10-Custom models provide a cost-effective, space saving option for smaller projects. These units provide the same high levels of dissolved oxygen, but require manual product application. The 10-P has a single injection station, while the 10-C adds a six-station automatic controller for zoned application.

Super-Ox™ Model 10-Mobile

Super-Ox™ Model 10-MobileThe 10-Mobile (10-M) provides the same convenient features of the 10-Plus, along with an integrated tank and easy-to-move trailer. The unit is great for consultants with multiple small projects.

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