Bioremediation Services

Landfarming applications are the easiest, most effective method of remediating contaminated soil and sediment. ETEC has completed hundreds of on-site landfarm projects via a combination of effective bioremediation products and proper soil management.

ETEC does not provide soil tilling services (we leave that to a qualified contractor), but we can provide on-site application of aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation products, and we work closely with the tilling contractor to ensure that optimum soil conditions are maintained throughout the life of a project (usually 2-4 months). Effective soil management includes monitoring and maintaining appropriate soil pH and soil moisture (extremely critical), and consistently turning and tilling the soil to maximize pore space oxygen content and ensure complete mixing and contact.

Our PetroBac™ bioremediation product bundle provide pre-activated biomass and a light biosurfactant that can be sprayed directly onto the soil matrix to achieve optimum contact and continuous “cutting” of even the most recalcitrant petroleum compounds (like heavy oils). Our Custom-Blend Nutrient™ (CBN™) blend provides required macro- and micro-nutrients for microbial functions, as well as secondary electron acceptor mass to support facultative degradation of contaminants when oxygen is absent.

Tractor in a field

Soil contaminants we have successfully treated include the following:

  • Gasoline/BTEX
  • Diesel, Jet Fuel, and Heating Oil
  • Crude Oil and Bunker C
  • PAHs
  • Chlorinated Solvents (anaerobic bioremediation using an electron donor substrate)

Our success is based on two factors: 1) effective bioremediation products, and 2) hard-earned field application and soil management experience. We understand how to apply our bioremediation products to achieve the proper microbial conditions, and we understand the fact that different contaminants require different bioremediation products in order to achieve fast, effective biodegradation.

Landfarming Case Studies