Laboratory Services

Bioremediation Services

ETEC teams with licensed, accredited laboratories that specialize in microbial plate count assays and inorganic nutrient analyses (click here for a list of recommended parameters). These analytical services are useful for clients that are evaluating the feasibility of bioremediation projects, optimizing active remediation projects, or for inclusion in regulatory documents for a complete view of site conditions. Below is pricing for the various tests conducted with our licensed, accredited laboratories.

Hydrocarbon-Degrading Plate Count $50.00
Analyzes the concentration of bacteria capable of degrading petroleum hydrocarbons
MTBE-Degrading Plate Count $60.00
Quantifies the number of bacteria that can specifically degrade MTBE
Heterotrophic Plate Count $30.00
Useful for finding the number of active bacteria (anaerobic bioremediation)
Nutrients, Limited $90.00
Evaluation of nutrients necessary for bacterial growth and metabolism

Bench-Scale Treatability Studies

ETEC can also conduct site-specific bench-scale testing for evaluating remedial treatment options. Testing includes groundwater and soil treatability studies, including pan tests, column tests, and assays designed to meet specific project requirements.