In Situ Delivery™ (ISD™)

Models & Product Specifications

ISD™ Model 10/20/40 Automatic

ISD™ Model 10/20/40 Automatic

The Automatic models come standard with 10, 20, or 40 gpm flowrates. Includes automated product/oxidant application system and re-injects treatment water through a touch-screen, multi-station controller for focused treatment of different areas of a site. Equipment can be customized for granular or liquid product addition. Fully insulated and heated. The unit can be customized to include a groundwater extraction system or simply use effluent from an existing pump and treat or multi-phase extraction system.

ISD™ Model 10-Mobile

ISD™ Model 10-MobileThe 10-Mobile (10-M) includes an integrated holding/batching tank. All units are fully customizable, and can include such features as an on-board generator, multiple injection lines, and extraction system. This equipment is great for consultants with multiple small projects or multiple treatment areas of a large site. Can be used for several hours of attended injection, or can be left to continuously operate overnight.

ISD™ Pilot-scale Model

ISD™ Pilot-scale ModelThe ISD™ Pilot-scale model offers a cost-effective, space saving option for pilot-scale applications. These units deliver metered amounts of electron donor substrate to the injection infrastructure. Like all ISD™ equipment systems, the ISD™ Pilot-scale model can be fully-customized to meet your site-specific needs.