Where we’ve been. Where we’re going.

Since 1992, ETEC, LLC (formerly Enzyme Technologies, Inc.) has been providing environmental remediation solutions throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and China. Our company got its start working on one of the biggest challenges of our time - the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup. The skills learned from that cleanup led to the creation of effective landfarming products and techniques. While establishing our leadership in performing landfarming applications, the development of our in situ application equipment and solutions began. This development process culminated with the launch of our Dissolved-Oxygen In situ Treatment™ (DO-IT™) System. For over 10 years, this system has been one of the most effective bioremediation treatment options available - incorporating all the necessary components for successful bioremediation with a highly efficient delivery platform.

In response to a new focus on non-fuel based contaminants, including chlorinated solvents, ETEC then set forth to incorporate its now mature groundwater recirculation technology to efficiently deliver electron donor substrates on a site-wide basis. The demand for this anaerobic bioremediation technology on chlorinated solvents such as PCE, TCE, DCE, and vinyl chloride was immediate – resulting in achievement of project goals within months of active treatment and a considerable cost savings to the property owner. Having now been used on many different sites with varying conditions, this technology continues to achieve strong and consistent success.

As the future unfolds, ETEC will maintain its innovative spirit to constantly refine and improve the processes it uses for achieving fast, efficient cleanups. Our focus will remain on core fundamental approaches to remediation, with efficient delivery and contact as the emphasis. No matter what your site conditions demand, ETEC is there with a full and flexible range of remedial alternatives designed to maximize cost-savings and minimize treatment timeframe.