Engineering Team

Leadership you can count on.

The engineering staff at ETEC, LLC takes great pride in our history of developing and delivering highly reliable environmental remediation solutions. Drawing on extensive experience with a wide-range of remediation technologies, our engineers can provide recommendations, design, and technical support during the project implementation that is invaluable to successful projects. Everyone on our staff is a masters-level educated engineer with a focus and passion for remediation. This is your assurance of the best possible treatment - whether it be physical, chemical, biological or a combination - for your contaminated site.

Eric Bueltel, P.E. – Technical Director

Intimately knowledgeable throughout the full spectrum of environmental remediation, Eric Bueltel earned B.Sc. degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Buena Vista University along with a M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from OGI School of Science & Engineering at OHSU. He has spent more than 12 years providing product, equipment, and design services for in situ bioremediation projects to clients around the U.S.

Greg Landers – Operations Manager

Working within the remediation industry for over 25 years, Greg designs, builds and maintains ETEC's fleet of rental bioremediation equipment. He provides both onsite and remote service to our clients. His vast experience includes equipment design/fabrication, implementation of in situ/ex situ bioremediation equipment, bioremediation product applications, in situ chemical oxidation, AS/SVE systems, P&T systems, surfactant-flushing treatments and landfarming.