Aerobic Bioremediation

Dissolved Oxygen In situ Treatment (DO-IT™) System

Dissolved Oxygen In situ Treatment (DO-IT™) SystemETEC offers the most effective aerobic bioremediation system on the market today. The key to our Dissolved Oxygen In situ Treatment (DO-IT™) system is its application as a closed loop groundwater re-circulation system.

Extracted groundwater is oxygenated (with 40-ppm levels of dissolved oxygen) and amended with nutrients and secondary acceptors by our Super-Ox™ equipment, which then injects this treatment water back into the subsurface. This consistent recirculation of oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich treatment water satisfies several critical requirements of all in situ bioremediation systems, including:

Constant delivery of bioremediation products, electron acceptors, and nutrients to support accelerated biological degradation of target contaminants.

Continuous movement of the injected treatment water through the contaminated soil and groundwater for optimum contact with dissolved and adsorbed contaminants.

Hydraulic plume control and the simultaneous production of localized groundwater gradients that encouraged the flow of injected treatment water to specific zones within a plume area.

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