Chemical Oxidation

Bioremediation Services

In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) has been shown to be a very effective remedial alternative for a broad-range of petroleum, PAH, and chlorinated solvent contaminants. ETEC improves upon the typical slug injection of chemical oxidants by utilizing groundwater recirculation. The groundwater recirculation approach enables us to deliver the appropriate mass of chemical oxidants/catalysts to the subsurface and to achieve a greater degree of contact with the contaminants than what would be possible with a typical slug injection.

Selecting the most appropriate chemical oxidant for a particular contaminant is as critical as selecting the right delivery system. ETEC has utilized many different chemical oxidation processes in combination with groundwater recirculation. Before implementation of these methods, ETEC recommends conducting bench-scale tests with impacted media from the site. Many factors affect chemical oxidation (ex. type of catalyst, concentrations of oxidant, natural organic material, etc.), and ETEC can conduct thorough bench-scale testing to evaluate different concentrations of oxidants and metal catalysts that will provide you the most cost-effective approach prior to application at the site.