One of the primary limitations of in situ remediation is the lack of contact between delivered amendments and contaminants. Unfortunately, many pilot- and full-scale applications use slug injections, which are often ineffective because they have minimal radius of influence and they fail to deliver the amendments on a site-wide basis. ETEC has developed dependable, easy-to-use, automated groundwater recirculation systems designed to deliver amendments throughout your site. Its all about delivery!

Super-Ox™ Oxygenation Equipment

To deliver the maximum mass of dissolved oxygen to petroleum impacted sites, the Super-Ox™ Oxygenation Equipment oxygenates extracted groundwater to 40+ mg/L dissolved oxygen prior to re-injection throughout the treatment area.

In Situ Delivery (ISD™) Groundwater Recirculation Equipment

Automated recirculation equipment designed for automated groundwater extraction and re-injection, while delivering electron donor substrates, chemical oxidants, or surfactants on a site-wide basis.