Anaerobic (Reductive) Bioremediation

Typical anaerobic bioremediation products are focused on applying a certain electron donor substrate. ETEC took a different approach when designing our anaerobic bioremediation products. Our anaerobic bioremediation products were formulated based on fundamental principles that include an easily-degradable substrate, necessary nutrients, and ease of application on a site-wide basis. Use our anaerobic bioremediation products with the following treatments:

Carbstrate™ Electron Donor Substrate

Carbstrate™ is a soluble, food-grade, nutrient-amended electron donor substrate that is easily transported through groundwater formations to maximize plume-wide anaerobic bioremediation at an ultra-competitive price. ETEC engineers are available to help calculate the necessary mass and application strategy for your site. Carbstrate™ is a dry powder and is sold in 50 lb. increments.

NutriChlor™ Anaerobic Bioremediation Nutrient Supplement

NutriChlor™ is a blend of inorganic compounds and trace metals that are critical for growth of sensitive anaerobic microbial species, especially those that play important roles in the reductive dechlorination process. NutriChlorTM was developed specifically to supplement the use of any electron donor substrate (i.e. lactate, edible oils, etc.).

Anaerobic Bioremediation Product Case Studies