Air Sparge and Biosparge

Oxygen Sparge & Biosparge Enhancement

Air Sparge and Soil Vapor Extraction (AS/SVE) systems have been used for over a decade to volatilize and capture contaminants trapped in soil and groundwater. While effective at removing contaminants initially, the efficiency of the treatment is diminished over time. Incorporating the use of bioremediation products can greatly reduce treatment timeframes leading to significant cost-savings.

The aerobic environment created by the AS/SVE system provides an abundant supply of oxygen to support rapid microbial degradation. If the remaining components, nutrients and biological products, are added to the subsurface, rapid microbial degradation can occur. Air sparge enhancement is especially effective for less-volatile contaminants and for obtaining low regulatory cleanup concentrations.

Our aerobic bioremediation products can also be used to enhance your oxygen sparge, biosparge, and bioventing treatments. ETEC engineers are available to provide bioremediation product volume and application recommendations.

Air Sparge Enhancement Case Studies