Aerobic (Oxidative) Bioremediation

Aerobic bioremediation (oxidative bioremediation) is more than just simply adding oxygen or a certain species of bacteria. Successful bioremediation efforts must incorporate all of the necessary components: an abundant supply of electron acceptors, nutrients for building cell mass, active cultures to spur on microbial growth, and enzyme enhancements to increase bioavailabilty. Bioremediation products must also be easy to apply, which is why our products are designed to be 100% soluble. Use our aerobic bioremediation products in conjunction with:

PetroBac™ Aerobic Bioremediation Product Bundle

These liquid enhancements include A2™, our hydrocarbon-degrading bacterial consortia, and EA™, a dilute surface-active agent that encourages slow desorption of adsorbed soil contaminants into the aqueous phase, where they can be subsequently degraded. Especially effective for gasoline, diesel, and light oil-range compounds.

Custom-Blend Nutrients (CBN™)

CBN™ is a balanced blend of macro-nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), micro-nutrients, and secondary electron acceptors. These nutrients are essential building blocks that all bacteria need in order to produce new cell mass and perform various cellular functions. Aerobic bioremediation (oxidative) projects require a nutrient loading proportional to the contaminant mass proportional to be successful. ETEC’s engineers can help you calculate the appropriate CBN™ mass to ensure nutrient-limiting conditions do not inhibit your project. CBN™ is for use with all petroleum projects and is a fully-soluble dry powder that is sold in 50 lb. increments.

Aerobic Bioremediation Product Case Studies